Ignore the ending…


I need some advice runner people! Yesterday when I was running, my legs from the knee down AND my wrists and hands were numb. When I was walking it was all normal, but when I started running they got all cold and numb. I was not running fast by any means. What is this all about!!!!!

Summer- kid style

I am so sorry for disappearing guys! I had FINALS this week, so I’ve been spending most of my computer time studying boring stuff that I’d rather not be looking at. Such is life!

Anyways, a couple days ago I got to visit my friends Zach and Ava! I haven’t seen them since their birthday in May, and they looked SO much older to me. My goodness little people grow so fast!

popsicle break. they are necessary

popsicle break. they are necessary

They really showed me how to do this Summer business right!

Tractor. Chalk. Sprinkler. Super Soakers. Pine Cone Hunting.







He is a genius. He figured out how to use this stick to stop Elmo from spinning so we could fill up the water guns :)




They got me.

IMG_4330I didn’t do this as a kid. I was more of a rock hunter. To each his own!

I would just like to add that I came up with NONE of these ideas. That little guy was all over this playing outside thing. My girl Ava was loosing steam by the time we went pine cone hunting. So was I.

But it was okay because tired children equals early bed time equals time to stay up and watch movies with their older sister!

What would I do for entertainment without kiddos?

Did you do any of the above activities when you were a kid? If not, share some that you DID do! I used to build forts with my sisters and bring out all my toys to put inside. I would also bring out a ton of food. I never cleaned up, so all my stuff got ruined. I was not a sharp 5 year old.

Do you rely (not really though) on kids for entertainment? 100%! If I’m not babysitting, I feel lost. I should get friends my own age…


Things that made me really smile

In the past 24 hours, I’ve seen some pretty smile/ laugh worthy stuff. I will share ONLY if you promise to smile/ laugh as hard as I did :)

2 trips to starbies in one day

2 trips to starbies in one day

afternoon nap on a hammock

afternoon nap on a hammock

An oversized camper, pulling a truck, with an ATV on it

An oversized camper, pulling a truck, with an ATV on it

finding out this guy is coming to visit next weekend! and seeing that girl yesterday!

finding out this guy is coming to visit next weekend! and seeing that girl yesterday!

fixing my uncomfortable dance shoes with tape and coloring the tape bronze to make it look better hahha

fixing my uncomfortable dance shoes with tape and coloring the tape bronze to make it look better 

finding some amazing happy quotes

finding some amazing happy quotes

If you’re not laughing/ smiling by now, your smile muscles are broken.

Back in time

This girl is me when I was 6.


Her name is even Jordan. So really, she is me 19 years ago.

She hides from pictures…



Makes funny faces if she gets caught in a picture…




And she rocks the messy bun (that’s more me now because I refuse to do my hair, but it still counts )






She also refuses to go to bed, gets really giggly when she is over tired and still refuses to go to bed, has an adult laugh, is really cute and manipulative because she can get away with it, loves to cuddle and is the coolest person ever.

I asked her if we could be friends and she said no. I like sarcastic best friends :)

I spent forever and a half with her Saturday night and I had the best time. Her sister is away at camp so it was just the 2 of us. We bonded; aka stayed up really really really late, watched movies, played games, made art projects, went to the park and ran around.

Solid Saturday night <3

Have you ever met a kid that reminds you of yourself when you were that age?

Are you camera shy? YES! I hate taking pictures, which is kind of ironic because I talk 7 million selfies for this blog HA

Who else loves the messy bun???? Who doesn’t


I live in the wrong suburb

Even though today was supposed to be my off day, I decided I had to explore Glencoe. And I obviously had to explore it via a run. Mallory, I apologize in advance for our long run being ruined my my tired legs. Glencoe is incredibly hilly…

Fitness-wise, this run was so unproductive. I stopped every .01 miles to admire a mansion, fancy car, the beach and other groups of healthy people doing their thing. Fun-wise, excellent run.

I kid you not, every house is a mansion. They all look different and have different character. I was very amused by the real estate. Also, every driveway had a casual Tesla, Bently/RR, BMW, Range Rover or Mercedes. Um….

Aside from the pretty neighborhood views, I made it down to the beach. Glencoe is right on Lake Michigan. I live minutes from Lake Forest beach so I know what the beach/lake looks like. However, it looks better in Glencoe :).


I didn’t take this picture, but I did sit in that nook :)

There was a huge park to play on. I wish I was a kid still so it would be socially acceptable for me to jump on it. I saw a handful of people swimming in the lake, a group fitness class (they had weights and TRX bands hanging from canopies: it was legit), some elder adults doing that like slow movement thing on the grass, kiddos playing in the sand, a ton of bikers runners and dog walkers, and people setting up their sailboats. This all happened at 8am. Life looks tough in this hood.

I did not take these pictures, but this is exactly what I saw…



tell me you don't want to play on this

tell me you don’t want to play on this

I wish I brought my phone because I have no pictures of all the activities I saw, but I promised they happened.

I finally got back home, took a quick shower in the most amazing shower in the world (it’s the size of my bedroom), walked my guy Willie, and headed off to get COFFEE. Is it weird that I HAD to drive to my Strabucks? I have attachment issues.


loves licking the sweat off my legs. I do not understand

loves licking the sweat off my legs. I do not understand

I’m thinking today I might do some pool laying, eating and napping.


– Do you like to explore new places via running?

– What is the craziest, prettiest town you’ve been to?

– Plans for the day?! Anyone with me on the nap????

I’ve been walked

By a dog. It looked exactly how it looks in cartoons. I could not keep up.


Willie is my buddy for the weekend. He’s a sweetheart. He loves to walk. I love to walk. Perfect match :)

hi baby!

hi baby!

Let me tell you, this guy is a smartie. He goes on a couple short walks a day and 1 looooonngg walk.

Don’t worry, he will tell you when he wants a long one.

We were just finishing up dinner when Willie walked over to the door and started barking (we had the same dinner. Boar’s Head Honey Roasted Turkey, mine was on a bagel. Is it weird that we had the same dinner?). I figured there was probably just another dog walking by, so I went up to the door and looked out the window. Nothing. Then I opened the door….SEE YA WILLIE! He was all for a walk.

I was still in my workout clothes all sweaty and smelly at this point. In retrospect, I am glad I was too lazy to shower before dinner, because he took me on the walk of a LIFETIME. I had no choice.

I am familiar with the area, but I don’t know the little intricacies of the neighbored streets. Luckily, Willie knew exactly where to go. He must have taken me on a route he’s memorized.I kind of let him take over. Good idea to let a dog make your decisions?

It was quite sad when we reached the driveway and I was panting more than him. This was BRISK people. He is all about the business on these long walks. And he’s kind of an older dog. I am throughly impressed with his stamina, because it is better than my runner heart.

We are both pooped. I like bedtime is around the corner…


– Do you like to walk pets? YES! Especially ones that like to walk. It’s not fun to play tug of war with a leash in the street…

– Ever let a dog make your decisions? I hate to admit it, but yes. If my dog jumps in the car as I’m leaving to run an errand, I will drive him around the neighborhood first. He loves car rides. He’s kind of a 2 year old.